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Distance Home School Application

Welcome to Alpha Omega Preparatory Academy. We have been open since 2006 and have graduated over 1,000+ students. We are now proud to offer Distance Home School to the entire state of Georgia. To qualify for Distance Home School, you must live outside our 13-mile local driving radius. Also, you must be at least in the 6th grade or higher. However, there is no age limit to this program, and all who want a diploma are eligible, including adults. 


The link on this page will take you to a Formsite landing page where you will fill out or application in its entirety. Please complete the application and its requirements to speed up the process. 


We are here to help if you have any questions, so please reach out to one of our outstanding staff members, who will be glad to speak with you. 

What is the Cost?

At Alpha Omega Prep, we pride ourselves on remaining affordable even during the onset of high inflation. We strive to offer the highest quality service and commitment to our families and students. Since opening in 2006, we have only raised our prices by twenty-five dollars.


Our current cost for tuition is only $60 a week. Tuition is broken into weekly payments of sixty dollars to make education more affordable. Tuition payments are due weekly unless you would like to pay in advance. There are a total of forty-three weeks in our school year. However, depending on the time of enrollment, it could lessen the number of weeks owed.

Give Us A Call Today
(770) 788 - 7100


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