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Alpha Omega Preparatory Academy, LLC seeks to enroll students of good moral character who will benefit from the challenge of a college-preparatory experience. Applications are accepted throughout the year with no stipulations on when a child can enroll.

* To begin the admissions process, an application for admission must be completed and the application fee paid. In addition to the application, the following items need to be on file before the applicant's name is considered:        
* Transcripts and vital records from current school.
* Full Disciplinary report. All applicants are screened thoroughly for disciplinary problems.

All candidates and their files are reviewed by the Admissions Committee with care; considering not only what our school can offer each candidate, but also what contributions that candidate can make to AOPA. This committee is composed of the Headmaster, Assistant Headmaster & Director. The Headmaster has the final decision on admission of any applicant. Alpha Omega Preparatory Academy admits qualified students without regard to race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin.

Thank you for considering Alpha Omega Prep!

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