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Credit Recovery Program



We offer our Credit Recovery Program to current Alpha Omega Preparatory Academy students, public school students, and other private school students. Our credit recovery program allows all students to take and recover credits from classes they took and didn't pass. If you or your student does not attend Alpha Omega Preparatory Academy full-time, you will need your current school counselor's approval to take our courses with us while you take theirs. This approval protects your financial investment and assures you credit for the classes you pass on your school's official transcript. Have no worries. Alpha Omega Preparatory Academy has operated since 2006 and has maintained full accreditation through the Georgia Acccredintg Commission. Every class you take with us is backed by our accreditation and recognized by the state of Georgia and GA Futures, which means all students who earn credits or graduate with us are eligible to continue their education at college and be awarded the Hope Scholarship if they meet the GPA requirements.


Benefits of our program


1) A staff that will put your student first

2) More 1 on 1 attention 

3) Do work from home or in Alpha Omega

4) Greater Freedom

5) Keep your summer or part/full time job

6) Pay tuition weekly

7) Christian based curriculum



What is the Cost?

Registration - $140 (One Time Fee Per Year)

Registration is a crucial step that takes a lot of time and effort. Our front office staff works diligently to contact your previous school and obtain all your school records. After receiving your documents, we decide what classes are needed for you to work towards the next grade and that beloved graduation date. We then input all your information into the student information system and register you for the classes you will be taking with us in the system.

Tuition - $60 (Due Weekly Or You Can Pay In Full)

Our current cost for tuition is only $60 a week. Tuition is broken into weekly payments of sixty dollars to make education more affordable. Tuition payments are due weekly unless you would like to pay in advance. There are a total of forty-three weeks in our school year. However, depending on the time of enrollment, it could lessen the number of weeks owed.

We are here to help if you have any questions, so please reach out to one of our outstanding staff members, who will be glad to speak with you. 

Give Us A Call Today 

(770) 788 - 7100

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