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Our Academics

Alpha Omega Preparatory Academy is accredited with quality, through the Georgia Accrediting Commission and is the vision of a dedicated teacher who saw the need for a more one on one approach to education while allowing the student greater freedom. Our teachers guide the students through their studies in a friendly atmosphere that is free from outside pressures.

Literacy is defined as the ability to read and write. At Alpha Omega, literacy (reading) is a critical element in our daily learning experience. Students receive an introduction to various genres of literature from pre-k, and this exposure continues until graduation. Students read works of both fiction and non-fiction. They are involved in plays, poems and other forms of literature. Novels provide additional points of interest for out readers. The goal is to provide varied avenues of reading to reach our children on all levels.


Alpha Omega reinforces the belief that reading "bridges" all areas by including literacy-focused activities in all subjects. Students are encouraged to read orally and silently to gain knowledge and insight into many topics and concepts. Although, textbooks are often the primary tool used to reach our instructional goals; trade books, periodicals, and audiovisuals are also incorporated.


The world is always changing. With these changes, cultures and civilizations evolve or become extinct. Many records exist to document these ongoing struggles and accomplishments. History is the study of these events.


At Alpha Omega, students are given many opportunities to explore "history" many forms and at various levels. American government provides an overview of the concepts that govern our country. Maps, travel, and biblical events are introduced and explored in cultural geography. World History exposes our students to past events around the globe including creation, exploration, and reformation. Students learn about America and gain great value of what our country has done in United States History. Economics is also an essential element in our history program. Events of the past and skills our students will use in daily life are discussed.


Writing includes the basic mechanics and "how to write" activities. Focus is also given to the "writing process," extending creative thoughts into stories, poems, and the understanding that writing comes in many unique forms such as essays and autobiographies.


Alpha Omega focuses on skills that are used in higher education classes and different job choices. Recently, a greater concentration of time and effort has been given to cursive handwriting. Although handwriting is only a small element of the weekly instructional grid, it is a very necessary part. Students receive guidance in preparing forms, applications, paperwork requiring signatures and on lengthy essays. Coaching on the core skills of writing extends beyond literature classes and is evident throughout the school environment and on all levels.


At Alpha Omega Preparatory Academy we not only use a textbook to teach science but also use a hands-on approach. We want the students to see how science works by utilizing fun and educational experiments. Our hope is that our students will develop a love for learning science and a greater understanding of how our world works.


A real understanding of science helps students see the world that was created by a loving God who gave us purpose in life. Nothing in science is accidental.  We do not want our students just to memorize facts. We desire for them to comprehend and analyze science problems and to process the questions to get to the solution rationally.


"Math is like going to the gym for your brain. It sharpens your mind."


- Danica Mckellar



Math teaches students how to think logically. We enjoy teaching math and seeing the "lightbulb" that comes on when a student understands. When a student grasps a new mathematical concept, they feel a sense of accomplishment. Our goal is for students to not only realize the importance of math but also to develop a desire to learn new concepts. We want them to think through problems and logically come to a solution. Hopefully, students will apply these reasoning skills in real world situations and realize that understanding math helps us to see order in the world that God created.

PE & Health

According to the CDC. "Participation in regular physical activity promotes normal growth and development by helping youth build and maintain healthy bones. Muscles and joints. Physical activity helps reduce the risk of developing obesity and chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease and promotes physical well-being."


Teaching the students to be healthy is important at Alpha Omega. In a world of fast food and video games, sometimes students forget the benefits of eating right and exercising. 1 Corinthians 6:19 tells us that our body is a temple.  We should not only take care of our bodies to maintain health, but we also need to be good stewards of what God has entrusted us with.


Fully Accredited With Quality

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