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Distance Learning

Welcome to Alpha Omega Preparatory Academy. We have been open since 2006 and are fully accredited through the Georgia Accrediting Commission. We are now offering Distance Learning to the entire state of Georgia. To qualify for Distance Learning, you must register as a home school student and live outside our 15-mile local driving radius. Also, you must be at least in the 6th grade or higher. However, there is no age limit to this program, and all who want a diploma are eligible, including adults. 

What is the Cost?

Registration - $140 (One Time Fee Per Scholastic Year)

Registration is a crucial step that takes a lot of time and effort. Our front office staff works diligently to contact your previous school and obtain all your school records. After receiving your documents, we decide what classes are needed for you to work towards the next grade and that beloved graduation date. We then input all your information into the student information system and register you for the classes you will be taking with us in the system.

Distance Fee - $400 (One Time Fee Per Scholastic Year)

This fee covers the following for the entire school year. With distance learning qualification comes some additional perks. You can email your work directly to the front office. This work is then graded by the teachers and stored in filing cabinets for future reference. Each week your new work will be automatically sent to you by email after paying your weekly tuition. This program offers complete convenience, such as virtual tutoring in which you join a live classroom and actively participate in the same classroom as if you were physically there. You will have full access to your teachers and the front office staff. Grades are stored in the student information system for quick reference to see how you or your child is doing in the assigned courses. 

Tuition - $60 (Due Weekly Or You Can Pay In Full)

Our current cost for tuition is only $60 a week. Tuition is broken into weekly payments of sixty dollars to make education more affordable. Tuition payments are due weekly unless you would like to pay in advance. There are a total of forty-three weeks in our school year. However, depending on the time of enrollment, it could lessen the number of weeks owed.

We are here to help if you have any questions, so please reach out to one of our outstanding staff members, who will be glad to speak with you. 

Give Us A Call Today

(770) 788 - 7100

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